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Safety First - Minimizing Risk in the Field

Safety has always been important, but in 2015 we developed a dedicated, formal plan to focus on safety as the most important part of our jobs, day in and day out. That focus has helped Paul Mueller Company's Field Operations Team become a preferred supplier in the industry.

We achieved a nearly 3-year accident-free period while performing many difficult jobs across the country which forced us into challenging situations with space restrictions and many potential hazards.  

So how do we do it?

1. Assess Challenges

The team minimizes risks by carefully assessing situations prior to starting work on a job and taking note of impending challenges.  Often our expert engineers and designers will travel to the project site, on our own dime, to evaluate the environment and give you the safest and most efficient plan possible.  We deliver safe execution by adjusting repair techniques to the different work environments such as using a top-down tank construction technique, instead of conventional bottom-up tank construction.

2. Highest Industry Standards Compliance

Our field construction and repair customers hold us to a very high standard of safety because of the heavy equipment and materials we work with and the work site restrictions encountered.  Because of those high standards, the Mueller Field Operation's (MFO) safety program has been completely revamped in the last two years.   New procedures are compliant to OSHA, ISNetworld, and customer requirements.  The program is designed to implement best safety practices in the industry.  Updated safety procedures were re-written by the team and employees have been thoroughly trained and certified to safety programs such as Confined Space, Fall Protection, LOTO, Rigging, Scaffolding, and Haz Com.

3. Safety Record Access - ISNetworld, Ariba, Browz

We are continuously improving  the safety program in order to stay up-to-date with changes in requirements and to advance the knowledge of all employees.  MFO’s safety program is unique because customers have easy access to the documented safety program and training records via an electronic safety tablet on every job site.  

Training records are extensive and include all of the employees’ training certificates, training class attendance records, and a copy of the employees’ certification tests (100% pass rate required).

Mueller Field Operations is a member of ISNetworld (ISN), an online contractor management database that you can log into here.  Our account number listed under "Mueller Field Operations" is #400-228533.  

Based on data submitted by Mueller Field Operations related to health and safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information, a letter grade is given by each client customer that reflects how qualified we are to perform jobs safely.   Here is a sample report card Mueller Field Operations has received from four well-respected companies in the industries of Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Food and Paper:

 Safety Report Card

We are also a member of Ariba with ID #AN01015173652 and Browz with ID #3C005, you can use these links to easily log onto the site and copy in our ID number to view safety records.

If safety is top of mind for your field construction or repair project contact Paul Mueller Company Field Operations team here.

Also if you have a tank in need of repair and are unsure of your options?  We can help you understand your options and advise you on the best way to get your operation back to full capacity.

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