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[SlideShare] Guide to Buying Tank Heads

Two of the most critical undertakings of your tank fabrication business are closing sales and producing tanks. These two processes are the essential mechanisms that keep your company successful.

But there's an important step inbetween those two: tank component procurement. Navigating the world of quotes and purchase orders can be overwhelming.

This SlideShare will help you focus on mission-critical tasks that will ensure you don't waste valuable time on your next project that requires tank heads.

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A Tight Squeeze in Field Tank Repair - Video

Nov 09, 2020 by Joe Mitchell in Tank Fabrication


The environment of a tank repair can determine the difficulty level of the job.  In this case the job was challenging because of the tight space where the repair was completed and because a plant shutdown needed to be avoided. Not to mention it was onsite at an ethanol plant, where safety is of the utmost priority. 

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What Is Stainless Steel and Why Do We Use It?

5 minute read

Stainless Steel has been around for a little over a century now, which is not that long in the grand scheme of things. And yet, despite its recent invention, stainless steel products are so common that many take them for granted.

From cutlery to artwork, stainless steel has revolutionized the modern world. But what is stainless steel? Why is it so useful? The answer to those questions lies in the chemical elements that compose stainless steel alloys.

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