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[SlideShare] Guide to Buying Tank Heads

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Mar 23, 2017 2:50:09 PM

Two of the most critical undertakings of your tank fabrication business are closing sales and producing tanks. These two processes are the essential mechanisms that keep your company successful.

But there's an important step inbetween those two: tank component procurement. Navigating the world of quotes and purchase orders can be overwhelming.

This SlideShare will help you focus on mission-critical tasks that will ensure you don't waste valuable time on your next project that requires tank heads.


5 Steps for Buying a Tank Head

  1. Determine your required project schedule.
  2. Specify tank head fabrication requirements.
  3. Choose value added items.
  4. Work with your salesperson to finalize specifications.
  5. Send a quote request with contact information.

Determine Your Required Project Schedule

3 Questions to ask when determining your project schedule are:

  • What is the final due date for your project?
  • How many days does your shop need to perform the necessary fabrication once the heads arrive?
  • How long will it take the tank heads to arrive at your shop?

Specify Tank Head Fabrication Requirements

Possible fabrication requirements could include any of the following specifications:

  • Dish radius
  • Inside knuckle radius
  • Material type
  • Straight flange
  • Overall height
  • And many others

Download the Tank Head Buyer's Kit for a complete checklist of specifications needed to purchase a tank head.

It is also important to determine which quality standards need to be met for your own customer's specifications. Possible quality standards could include any of these:

  • API
  • PED
  • ASME
  • 3-A

Choose Value Added Items

Heat transfer can be added to tank heads if your customer requires precise control of the tank's temperature. Manways are also an important feature to consider for ease of access to the tank's contents and the ability to clean the tank.

Cylinders are also a popular option to add to a tank head order. Purchasing tank heads and cylinders from the same supplier will ensure that assembly at your shop can go off without a hitch.

Work with Your Sales Representative to Finalize Specifications

Contact information for your salesperson will likely be dependent on where your business is located. See the slideshare at the top of this post to see a breakdown of our sales territories.

Send a Quote Request with Contact Information

Contact information for your supplier can often be found on their website or in any email sent to you by a salesperson. The quote request process doesn't have to be difficult. There are often forms on the supplier's website that allow you to request a quote electronically. If you want to send an email to us, our email address is

Click on the button below to download 4 helpful resources that will make the tank head buying process faster and easier.

Download Tank Head Buyer's Resource Kit

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