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Choosing the Right Pharmaceutical Mixer

 Does your pharmaceutical manufacturing process call for mixing or agitation? Agitation is commonly achieved through the use of bottom-mounted magnetic or top-mounted gear driven mixers. While mixing may just be one component of a large scale project, the type of mixer you choose will impact your entire process. 

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Water Management for Your Vineyard


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How to Install Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

When performing preventative maintenance on your plate heat exchanger, one of the most important components to inspect are the plate gaskets. Gaskets guide flow of the medium to prevent cross contamination. Regular inspection, replacement, and mixed gasket procedures will help prevent cross-contamination issues and keep peak efficiency - saving you time and money in the long term.

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About Paul Mueller Company Academy

Teaching and sharing ideas has long been part of the rich heritage at Paul Mueller Company. We have almost a century of quality craftsmanship guiding the way we apply new learnings. Paul Mueller Company Academy is a collection point for those learnings, so we can collaborate and grow more successful together. You will find articles, blogs, guides, infographics and more dedicated to furthering knowledge for all, in the world of stainless steel processing equipment solutions. We hope you enjoy!