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5 Reasons An All-Stainless Steel Milk Silo is Better for Your Bottom Line

Paul Mueller Company holds a unique position at the forefront of providing 100% stainless milk silos. An important component of our milk silos is the all stainless steel base in a unique and efficient design. Carbon steel silos and bases are typical among other milk silo manufacturers. Upgrading to all stainless steel can be expensive, but Paul Mueller Company provides its benefits at a price that makes it a long-term investment. Why would you choose a Mueller stainless steel base over a traditional carbon steel base? Here are a few reasons a stainless steel base might be right for you:

Better Protection from Corrosion

Stainless steel is popular in the dairy industry largely due to its corrosion resistant properties.  It contains chromium which develops a protective oxide coating on the surface of the metal. This layer can get damaged if not maintained properly. One of the ways the protective oxide layer of stainless steel can get damaged is by coming into contact with ordinary carbon steel.

Aside from physical damage, corrosion can also cause a sanitation risk with your dairy products. Corroded steel can trap harmful bacteria or even mix with the product. You can take steps to help prevent corrosion such as frequent cleanings, avoiding contact with non-stainless materials and avoiding surface abrasions. Choosing a milk silo with a 100% stainless steel base is a step in the right direction.

Stronger Resistance to Environmental Forces

Your milk silo’s exposure to environmental forces may play a role in the decision to upgrade to a Paul Mueller all stainless steel base. If your silo will be in a wet environment – such as a region with frequent rainfall – then a carbon steel base will be more prone to corrosion from water. Carbon steel is also at a higher risk of damage from atmospheric pollution. If your milk silo is in an area that gets frequently wet or has high pollution it may be worth upgrading to our all stainless steel base for extra protection.

The Safety Factor

Since stainless steel lasts longer and resists corrosion damage there is also an added safety factor.  Injuries and deaths resulting from corroded structures are well documented. Our decision to provide a 100% stainless steel silo aligns with our sustainability goals and more importantly our goal that your employees go home safe every day.


Milk is transferred from one container to another many times over the life of its processing cycle. Each stage of processing represents risk in terms of the quality of the milk and its exposure to harmful bacteria. Consumers place a lot of trust in dairy processors to deliver a product that is wholesome and healthy. One of the key steps to achieving these goals is to design equipment that can be easily cleaned and maintained in sanitary condition.

According to one article by Food Safety Magazine, “Food contact surfaces of food equipment must be fabricated from materials that are smooth, impervious, nontoxic, nonabsorbent and corrosion resistant under conditions of intended use.” Unlike materials such as aluminum and plastic, stainless steel meets all these physical property requirements making it suited for use in dairy processing equipment.


Dairy farming involves large investments and a lot of patience before seeing returns on those investments. It is important that when a farmer or processor purchase industrial equipment they trust that their purchase will continue to work long after they have paid it off. Stainless Steel is a material that can last for decades if properly cared for and therefore makes it valuable to all stakeholders.


A 100% Mueller stainless steel milk silo has too many benefits to be ignored. The all stainless steel bases ensure your investment is protected from the ground up. Let us help you make sure your next silo purchase will protect your investment for many years to come. Fill out our contact form and to get in touch with one of our experts.


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