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Manway Gasket Installation & Bushing Adjustment - [Video]

February 16, 2024 | by Food & Dairy Parts Team

In this blog post and accompanying videos, we cover the crucial steps involved in effectively installing manway gaskets as well as adjusting the bushing to promote a proper seal. By adhering to these guidelines and paying close attention to detail, operators can ensure the reliable installation and sealing of manway gaskets, safeguarding against potential leaks and product loss. 

Gasket Installation

  • The gasket groove channel must be carefully positioned over the lip of the manway cover, ensuring a secure fit.
  • For optimal sealing, avoid using loose-fitting or damaged gaskets.
  • Proper alignment of the manway cover inside the collar is essential for effective sealing.
  • Position the clamp arm and hand tighten the wing nut. Excessive force can damage the gasket, cover, and component parts.
  • If the product leaks around the cover while the vessel is filling, stop the process and recheck for proper sealing of the cover and gasket.

Manway Bushing Adjustment

  • Loosen the wing nut before making other adjustments.
  • Identify and loosen the set screw with allen wrench.
  • Use crescent wrench to turn bushing left or right to adjust the positioning of the manway cover up or down.

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