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How does the Reynolds number affect mixer design?

It's just one little number out of many that you have to calculate when designing a stirred tank mixer application, but it is probably more important than you realize. It impacts almost every part of your product, equipment, and process.

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How to Choose the Right Impeller

No matter what you're mixing, impeller selection is critical. It plays a role in mixer specifications and your end product. Disperser blades, propellers, hydrofoils, and other common impeller designs make for a confusing choice.
Can this disperser blade give me the off-bottom suspension I need? How is a hydrofoil different from a propeller? What is a hydrofoil? Before you buy an impeller, you need to consider a few aspects of your product and process:
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The Many Uses of Custom Heat Transfer

If you find yourself facing heating or cooling challenges, custom heat transfer surface may be the answer. 

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