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The Different Types of Steam in Industrial Steam Generation

Commercial steam generation is a crucial function for many industries as an effective heating medium. For industrial processes, selecting the appropriate type of steam is dictated by the specific application and regulations for quality and sterilization. In the process of condensing from steam to water for industrial applications, steam gives up its heat of vaporization or latent heat. This is the amount of heat that it takes to transform a liquid into a gas at the same temperature.  At atmospheric pressure and 212°F (100°C), it takes 970 BTU/lbm to transform water into steam.  So, when steam condenses, it gives off that same heat.  If you compare the heat that it takes to raise the temperature of water from its freezing point to its boiling point (sensible heat) to the heat that it takes just to turn it from a liquid to a vapor (latent heat), the latent heat is around five times more than the sensible heat.  So, if you’ve got saturated steam being used as a heating source for your heat exchanger, it’s at the boiling point, ready to give off latent heat.

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5 Reasons An All-Stainless Steel Milk Silo is Better for Your Bottom Line

Paul Mueller Company holds a unique position at the forefront of providing 100% stainless milk silos. An important component of our milk silos is the all stainless steel base in a unique and efficient design. Carbon steel silos and bases are typical among other milk silo manufacturers. Upgrading to all stainless steel can be expensive, but Paul Mueller Company provides its benefits at a price that makes it a long-term investment. Why would you choose a Mueller stainless steel base over a traditional carbon steel base? Here are a few reasons a stainless steel base might be right for you:

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The Many Uses of Custom Heat Transfer

If you find yourself facing heating or cooling challenges, custom heat transfer surface may be the answer. 

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