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Superior Quality and Competitive Lead Time in Pharmaceutical Equipment

August 14, 2017 | by Paul Mueller Academy Staff

When it comes to your pharmaceutical facility, it is imperative that your processing equipment arrive as soon as possible. We understand - lead time can make or break a project's success.

Just like producing pharmaceuticals, producing the equipment to make those pharmaceuticals requires a strong focus on efficiency. Of course quality can not be left behind. That is why Paul Mueller Company follows the most timely path to production and always keeps the right level of quality in every step of the process.   


Paul Mueller Company’s sales team is with you from beginning to end. When part of our sales team is traveling to meet you, the other members of the team are in the factory and close to our estimators and engineers, allowing for quick and direct communication. Their unparalleled skill sets and field experience give Mueller's sales team an upper hand. Our ability to discuss the intricacies of pharmaceutical equipment allow for problem-solving conversations with you that other companies can't provide. Many equipment vendors rely on outside sales departments to just close deals, but with Paul Mueller Company, a partnership means attention to detail, constant communication, and a reduced risk for your business.

Pharma Sales minus David Graham.jpg

 “We give faster, more reliable information because of our experience… I was in engineering and Bill (Hons) has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry… We are able to speak intelligently about our equipment and not give customers bad information or have to tell them ‘Let me get back to you after I check with the factory.’”

                                                - Jeremy Wynn



Paul Mueller Company’s process and control engineers work directly with the sales team and project managers on building your project. The close proximity allows for strategic conversations which ultimately lead to high quality designs that produce the pharmaceutical equipment for your needs in a timely manner.  We understand that one wrong valve or a single mis-sloped line can result in a complete halt in your production; and when it comes to pharmaceuticals, getting your processing equipment exactly right means a great deal. Our engineers get deep into details and understand the importance of every step in production.

 Paul Mueller Company Engineer Karen Reed

“Our pharmaceutical processing equipment line truly works as a team to ensure that our customers receive quality products, exactly as promised. As a smaller team within our much larger company, our functions from sales to engineering to production to service all happen in close proximity in a collaborative environment. This allows us to keep our customers and their needs at the forefront of what we do everyday.”

-Karen Reed


In-House Production

Paul Mueller Company’s own specialized team focused on pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing, allows for a deep understanding of fabrication requirements and an understanding of your requirements in safety and purity.   With in-house manufacturing, we do not have to rely heavily on other companies for major services or parts. This allows for more control over the quality and manufacturing time put into each piece of equipment. The high levels of communication continue throughout the production line, so all members working on your equipment engage with our sales and engineering team, and are able to better understand you and your company.


Quality Department

The Quality department receives information while manufacturing is in progress. They monitor documentation and the equipment throughout the entire process to prevent possible problems that could impact your schedule. This produces quality documentation that meets all of your equipment’s validation needs. The inspectors perform in-progress inspections to ensure the highest standards are maintained and your project is ready for on-time shipment.

Water-for-Injection Equipment built in Paul Mueller Company Shop 

Working with Paul Mueller Company means quality equipment with an optimal lead time. Download our 3D models now and see how our equipment could work in your build or expansion:

Click Here to Download CAD Files of  Pure Water and Steam Equipment and Storage Tanks 


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