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Count on Stainless Steel Wine Barrels for Capacity


Now that you are ready to increase stock at your vineyard, here is why stainless steel is the way to go. 

Quality Craftsmanship that Lasts

Perfect for aging unoaked varietals in small quantities, stainless steel wine barrels from Paul Mueller Company are backed by our 75+ years of manufacturing experience and the knowledge that we are protecting your profits in that barrel.  Other companies don’t have the eye for detail and handcrafted talents of our in-house wine barrel artisans. We use only the highest grade 304 U.S. Stainless steel and a semi-automatic weld to produce unrivaled quality and beauty in our wine barrels.  When the quality is good the return on your investment is better.  No leaking, no evaporation, Paul Mueller Company wine barrels will be a showpiece for your winery! 


Drains Well

The optimal output of your stainless steel wine barrel is contingent on the design of the interior of the barrel itself. Our proprietary tapered structure inside the barrel allows all the wine to drain out. This will maximize your cleaning process as well, making sure all the soap, rinsing water and sanitizer are completely out.



Our stainless steel barrels bring versatility that can’t be achieved by other stainless steel tanks. You can age your wines without adding oak flavor or use whatever ratio of oak to steel you want, without sacrificing complexity. If you want to have precise control on how your wine develops, a Paul Mueller Company stainless steel barrel can keep it air tight, without exposing it to outside elements. Reds or whites will shine in our clean barrels and the port allows you to add fruit, oak or any other wood elements you desire.


Stores and Rolls Easily

Unlike other stainless steel barrels for sale, Paul Mueller Company wine barrels will fit just like oak barrels on a Western Square holder. Our proprietary taper and end rings means our barrels won’t rock out of the holder. Our barrel is available with a 2” tri-clamp connection and fixed ends.

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