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Sizing a Vacuum Relief Valve - [VIDEO]

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Mar 30, 2017 1:46:19 PM


Vacuum Relief Valve On Bright Tank

 The best way to protect your tanks from vacuum failure is to have a properly spec'd vacuum relief valve installed.  Your fermenters and bright tanks make up the nucleus of your brewing business so it is critical they are adequately protected.  

There are many factors to consider when sizing a vacuum relief valve.  Paul Mueller Company's Master Brewer-in-Residence, Ashton Lewis, walks you through all of the things you should consider  before purchasing a vacuum relief valve.



What You Need to Know to Size a Vacuum Relief Valve

  1. Hottest CIP Temperature
  2. Coldest Rinse Temperature
  3. Tank Volume
  4. Tank Geometry
  5. Tank Pressure Rating
  6. Tank Vacuum Rating

Free Drain Condition

You may want to consider the worst case scenario for vacuum failure which is free draining.  This happens when you accidentally open a valve or knock off a valve on a tank full of beer.  A vacuum relief valve has to be fairly large to handle the vacuum pressures created by the rapid escape of beer.  Without proper vacuum relief your fermenter or bright tank could implode.

Protect Your Equipment

Fermenters and bright tanks are expensive pieces of equipment and are vital to your breweries success.  Make sure your tanks stay in service by having the right amount of protection from vacuum failure.  Before you make a vacuum relief valve decision consult our Vacuum Relief Valve Buyer's Kit.  

Vacuum Relief Valve Buyer's Kit Get the right one for your tank

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