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Founders Brewing: Why Equipment Matters (Video)

Troy "Twig" Terwilliger, Equipment Integration Manager of Founders Brewing, is confident in the mission of his company. "We just won't cut corners. We will put the best of everything into our product and give the general public an amazing product all the time." 

 High Standards and Quality Beer 

Troy 'Twig' Terwilliger Founders HeadshotThat means the commercial beer brewery equipment used to ferment Founders Beer has to be equally amazing. Troy came to visit Paul Mueller Company in Springfield, Missouri to inspect some bright beer tanks that were being made for Founders' Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After exploring several fermentation equipment manufacturers, Founders partnered with Paul Mueller Company in 2013 for all their cellar equipment needs.

Troy found that Paul Mueller Company was adaptable when it came to fulfilling their unique needs such as different types of sensors or flanges. He also found the quality of finishes to be impeccable both internally and externally. "We're making a flawless product, and I'm not going to put it in something that isn't as equally outstanding." 

Culture Matters in an Equipment Partner

Troy Terwilliger Founders VisitAccording to Troy, Founders looked at several different manufacturers but immediately recognized that the family-type workplace culture of Paul Mueller Company would have an impact on the longevity of their partnership.

"Everyone here knew each other. Everybody was kind and talked to us. I come down and inspect almost every tank, and I've never seen anything wrong with anything we've looked at. I've always seen them go above and beyond, and that's astronomical for us."

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