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Serving Beverage Tanks: Increase Profitability, Decrease Footprint

April 14, 2020 | by Paul Mueller Company Engineering

Are you trying to decide the best way to serve beverages in your tasting room? Common issues that many tasting room or restaurant owners face are lack of space, labor costs and loss of product – all things that directly affect profit margin. 

Saving Money in My Taproom

With the Serving Beverage Bag-in-tank system, beverages can be stored and served from the same vessel. The inliner is a food-grade, low pressure, polyethylene bag that can be filled with beverages – beer, wine, ready to drink cocktails, ciders, etc. Once the contents are depleted, the bag need only be removed and replaced.  After removal, the valves only need a quick sanitation and they are ready for the next bag and batch, reducing labor costs and increasing profits.  

Increase Space

Kegs and packaged product take up a lot of space – square footage that could be used for another profit-generating 4-top. Reducing the number of kegs or bottles you use can actually reveal more seating area for your customers…or perhaps a merchandising area to sell your wares – both creating not only space, but revenue. See how one brewery started without a cold room and stacked Serving Beer Tanks instead.

Labor Costs 

Running any business is labor-intensive, but identifying where you can cut labor while incorporating more efficient processes not only saves you money and time, but increases job satisfaction and productivity. 

Aside from the space issue, kegs and package require a great deal of time management – moving, stacking and moving again. Cleaning kegs can be one of these labor intensive areas. It’s time consuming and messy. Serving Beverage Tanks can reduce labor significantly. Mad Mole's head Brewer reduced a full day of work with kegs, down to just 2 hours with SBTs.

Chemical Reduction 

Cleaning kegs requires not only labor but special chemicals. The serving beverage bag-in-tank system uses an air compressor to push liquids out of bags, rather than CO2.  By reducing or eliminating kegs in your business, you are cutting the amount of money spent on the cleaning chemicals…and helping the environment.  

Reduce Waste

Serving out of bottles or kegs in your tasting room? The Serving Beverage Tanks from Paul Mueller Company are offered in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and space. The unique design holds more liquid than a traditional keg. This can not only save you space, but hundreds of dollars on bottles, labeling and corking…as well as reduce the number of glass bottles sent to recycle or ending up in landfills. Click here to see a full list of tank sizes and specifications. 

Product waste is another common issue for the beverage industry – foamy beer or mis-mixed drinks poured down the drain – can be detrimental to the bottom line. Studies from Modern Restaurant Management show that a 20-top bar can waste as much as 20% per keg from overfilling and dumping. This translates to 26,000 wasted pints per year. At $5 a pint, that equates to a potential $130,000 in lost sales. Using a serving beverage tank can reduce these issues, allowing you to pour the perfect pint or ready-to-drink cocktail every time. 

See how much you can save over kegs with our Beverage Dispensing Cost Calculator. 

Do I need a Walk-In Cooler in my Brewery, Winery, Distillery? 

Keeping your beverages at a constant temperature is key to flavor and freshness and safety– key components of your business and your brand. With the water-glycol cooling system running through copper coils in our double-walled tanks, you have temperature control of each tank by easily connecting a dedicated or existing chiller. This means serving tanks can keep each beverage at individual temperatures, keeping your dark beers a little warmer than your lagers, your whites cooler than the reds, your cocktails and ciders evenly chilled all day long. This not only reduces energy costs but ensures your carefully crafted flavors are carried thru to your customers every single pour. 

Our Serving Beverage Tanks come Insulated and Non-Insulated, so if you are already using your walk-in cooler to store kegs, a non-insulated serving tank can replace those while storing the same or more product in less space. If you do not have a walk-in or need to free-up space inside it, our Insulated Beverage Serving Tanks are the perfect solution. Click here to download our sizes and specifications. 

Freshness & Flavor While Storing

Whether its beer, wine, cider or that Ready to Drink cocktail using your signature vodka, it’s important that every batch tastes the very best it can, whether it's the first pour or the last pour. The serving beverage bag-in-tank system keeps all gases out, evenly cooled and ready to pour - plus, your beverages will stay fresher, longer than in brite tanks or kegs.

Profit Margin 

Reducing labor and energy usage while increasing customer seating, overall customer experience and satisfaction can directly affect your bottom line and your margin of profit. If you’re ready to take a deeper look into the serving beverage tank system for your serving room or restaurant, take a 360-degree virtual tour of these vessels. Get a behind the scenes look at the technology that lets you say goodbye to heavy lifting and endless cleaning associated with kegs. Discover how much you can save over kegs with our Beverage Dispensing Cost Calculator. 

Choose which model you would like to see in 3D:

Serving Beer Tank

Serving Beer Tank - 500 Liter SlimLine

Serving Beer Tank - Copper 500 Liter SlimLine


Contact us today to learn how a serving tank can impact your business. With all the challenges presented by the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering financing options and discounts to help you preserve cash flow.

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