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Top 4 Questions About Leaky Horizontal Agitators

October 17, 2016 | by Joe Mitchell

Leaky horizontal agitators are a very common occurrence, you’re not the only one with questions…

Q: What would cause my horizontal agitator to leak?

A:     Improper installation of the system

         Seal has aged and is no longer in prime condition

         Worn out agitator housing


Q: How can I tell if I have a leaky horizontal agitator?

A: Product is  leaking into the alcove area of your tank.  The area directly under your agitator, called the alcove, should be clean, no liquid.  If you're agitator is leaking you will see a small puddle forming in there.


Q: How can I prevent my horizontal agitator from leaking?

A: Leaks can be prevented by training your workers about the proper installation and maintenance of the agitator system.  Frequently, a system will be taken apart for a simple repair, such as replacing a seal, then not put back together correctly - causing a leak in the system.


Q: Can you fix it?

A: Yes! There are typically two repair options to choose from. The first would be to reface your agitator housing, the second is to install new housing.  Installation of a new housing may be the only option if the original housing is worn out past repair.  When this is the case, attempting to repair the original housing will only be a temporary fix because more problems will arise in the future such as severe leaks and product contamination.

 The best way to get the most life out of your tanks is a regular maintenance and inspection program.  You can download our maintenance checklist and start your program today. 


Download the Tank Maintenance Checklist


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