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How a Heat Transfer Consultation Saved a Brewery Money

 Whether you are installing heat transfer in your end product or using it in your direct operations it can be a real energy saver.  However getting the right specifications is crucial and understanding the detailed spec sheet can be daunting.  There are always challenges -  what if you don't get it right?  What if  the resulting product is not what you need?  Sometimes it helps to double check the infinite details affecting flow rates, pressure drops and heat loads.  A quick phone consultation might even help you make beer better.

Tanner Beers Anthem Brewing 

The Challenge With Used Brewery Equipment

Tanner Beers (yes that's his real name) is head brewer at Anthem Brewery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tanner found the value of a Paul Mueller Company heat transfer consultation after he found contamination in his beer.  Tanner had purchased a used Paul Mueller Company plate heat exchanger on the open market.  Because the used PHE came from an unknown source, there was no way to know if the heat exchanger was configured for a brewery, what kind of parts had been replaced on it or what the previous owners used to clean the plates. 

Tanner called up Paul Mueller Company and got Marilyn Parrish on the phone from the heat transfer group.  Marilyn helped Tanner track down the origin of the unit.  It was a dairy farm equipment plate heat exchanger from 2001! 

Using City Water to Cool Wort

Marilyn then engaged Mueller process engineer Victor Shafer into the conversation and he consulted with Tanner on the contaminated beer. Not only was Victor able to determine Tanner had a leaky plate in his heat exchanger, but as he delved into Tanner's brewing process, he realized the brewery's chiller compressor was running constantly.  It was taking too much energy to cool the wort.

Victor talked to Tanner about using city water to cool the wort down as a first step in decreasing the chiller compressor runtime.  Paul Mueller Company also recommended a heat exchanger plate pack that worked more effectively in the brewery's operation.

"I was appreciative he called and talked me through some energy efficiency options that I wasn't even aware of" said Tanner.  "Everything worked the way Mueller said it would and I was able to knock out my brewing process 20% faster than before all while keeping the glycol cooler and the hot water hotter" 

Continued Energy Savings in the Brewery

Tanner says he expects the energy savings to continue to add up over the lifetime usage of his upgraded cooling system, thanks to the advice and new plate pack from Paul Mueller Company.

You want to get the most efficient and cost savings solution you can too.  We can offer you the same problem-solving guidance Tanner received,  when you sign up for our free heat transfer consultation. Our experts have 75-years of experience guiding us and we want to support you by:

  • advising on how we have seen certain fluids affect certain materials
  • explaining how even slight temperature differences can change your process
  • calculating the right amount of heat and cold exchange needed for optimal efficiency
  • consulting on the best frame options for your needs today, with room for growth tomorrow 


Free Consultation: 

So don't waste your time guessing at the best heat transfer solution for your business.  Paul Mueller Company is offering a free one-on-one phone consultation to help you save energy and maximize the value of your heat transfer systems.

Together we can optimize your operation for efficiency and move forward with a better return on investment! 


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