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How to Install a Manway into a Small Tank Head - [Video]

 2 minute read or watch

Getting a manway out of round can seriously hinder your production schedule and in some cases can even cause unrepairable damage to your manway. Today, Jeremy is going to show you how to install a manway in a small tank head while keeping it round in the process.

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[SlideShare] Guide to Buying Tank Heads

Two of the most critical undertakings of your tank fabrication business are closing sales and producing tanks. These two processes are the essential mechanisms that keep your company successful.

But there's an important step inbetween those two: tank component procurement. Navigating the world of quotes and purchase orders can be overwhelming.

This SlideShare will help you focus on mission-critical tasks that will ensure you don't waste valuable time on your next project that requires tank heads.

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[Video] How to Fit and Trim Dimple to a Tank Head

2 minute read or watch

With multiple dimple sheets that need to be tacked and fit to the same tank head it can be difficult to get them to line up properly. Today, Jeremy is going to show you how to fit and trim dimple coil to a tank head.

There are a couple challenges you might face when trimming and fitting dimple sheets to a tank head.

  • Challenge 1: The dimple doesn't lay down flat against the tank head.
  • Challenge 2: It can be difficult to trim the dimple sheets to fit together correctly.

Here's how to overcome these two challenges:

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