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Choosing the Right Pharmaceutical Mixer

 Does your pharmaceutical manufacturing process call for mixing or agitation? Agitation is commonly achieved through the use of bottom-mounted magnetic or top-mounted gear driven mixers. While mixing may just be one component of a large scale project, the type of mixer you choose will impact your entire process. 

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Take the First Step for your New Tank Project

It has been a successful run for your product and now it’s time to scale up and make more. But like most facilities, you have space constraints. So what is the best way to go about installing bigger processing tanks or more processing tanks into your existing plant?   

Or maybe you are charged with building a new processing line or facility from scratch. The first step is understanding how the equipment can fit into the space you are working with. 

Enter the Paul Mueller Company Tank Volume Calculator and 3D Model Generator.


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What Comes in a Pharmaceutical Equipment Turn Over Package (TOP)

Turn over packages should contain the complete documentation and instructions that come with your pharmaceutical processing equipment purchase. They can be your field guide as you delve into production. Make sure you are getting the complete information your company needs before it's delivered, by checking off these 7 items on your TOP: 

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