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Safety First - Minimizing Risk in the Field

Safety has always been important, but in 2015 we developed a dedicated, formal plan to focus on safety as the most important part of our jobs, day in and day out. In 2019 and 2020, that focus helped our company achieve its lowest TCIR (total case incident reports) rate yet and we continue to beat the drum of safety day in and day out. As a matter of fact, it is a mandate that every meeting, with 3 or more people, that we conduct in our company starts with a safety topic. 

Mueller Field Operations (MFO) achieved a nearly 3-year accident-free period while performing many difficult jobs across the country, that forced us into challenging situations with space restrictions and many potential hazards. 

Since COVID-19 began, we implemented safety practices both inside our facilities and in the field. We have mask policies in place, and all vehicles are required to keep masks, gloves and hand sanitizer in them for easy access. We adhere to any client requests to provide the latest health updates, contact tracing and results of any COVID-19 testing. Mueller strictly adheres to the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines. 

So how do we continue these high standards? 

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