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How to Install a Gasket on a Manway Cover - [Video]

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Viton gaskets are much stiffer than standard gaskets, so they are usually more difficult to install on your manway cover. Paul Mueller Company has come up with a solution that will make it easier for you to install your Viton gasket or any other kind of manway gasket you are having trouble installing because it is not pliable enough to get on the manway cover.

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PyroPure® Systems Training for Operational Efficiency


At Paul Mueller Company, we believe in quality that works for you and your end users. In addition to providing products, we also provide educational opportunities for our customers, so they can develop a deeper knowledge of their equipment. Paul Mueller Company’s unique, customer-focused event, PyroPure® Systems Training, has proven results with 100% of surveyed participants stating they would recommend this training to others!

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The Basics of Vacuum Relief In a Brewery

Your fermenters and bright tanks are constantly undergoing pressure changes.  Routine activites such as brewing, fermenting, cleaning-in-place, and moving product can potentially implode a poorly vented tank.  It is important to understand how and why vacuum failure happens so you can keep your tanks in service.
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Teaching and sharing ideas has long been part of the rich heritage at Paul Mueller Company. We have almost a century of quality craftsmanship guiding the way we apply new learnings. Paul Mueller Company Academy is a collection point for those learnings, so we can collaborate and grow more successful together. You will find articles, blogs, guides, infographics and more dedicated to furthering knowledge for all, in the world of stainless steel processing equipment solutions. We hope you enjoy!