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Safer Flavor Infusion, That's Easier to Clean


Your customers are demanding more natural flavors in their beverages and infusing through real ingredients has become the gold standard. To avoid ingredient prices sucking up your profits, you need equipment that can extract the most out of your hops, coffee, spices, fruit, coconut and more. The maxxLūp, pressure-rated system works with a variety of adjuncts and has a circulation tank solves the inconvenient process of dry hopping while being more versatile than any other adjunct-dosing system on the market. 

Special Design for Sensory Goals

This equipment was designed to harness the essential oils and resins in adjuncts to add the same sensory profile you expect while using fewer ingredients. Run your recipe on the maxxLūp ROI calculator to see how your costs will decrease while giving you more control in the crafting of your unique beverage. As a bonus, the configuration of the maxxLūp allows the vessel to be purged, reducing the introduction of unwanted oxygen into the product.

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