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Parallel Closed Processing Systems in Limited Space

Clarkson Soy was the only organic, non-GMO soy and sunflower lecithin producer in North America in 2017. They were still manufacturing product on the pilot plant they built 13 years ago and business was booming. Clarkson Soy knew they needed more capacity now and for growth in the future, but how to build that in their existing limited space, was the question. That's where Paul Mueller Company came in.

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Shop Fabricated Tank vs. Field Erected Tank

We often hear the question: "Is it more economical to build a tank in your shop or here in the field at my
facility?" The answer really depends on 4 factors:

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4 Amazing Field Operation Case Studies

For decades our customers have been challenging us with complicated tank installation and repair jobs.  And we love it!

Here are some stories of  projects that went beyond routine construction and let us showcase across the board solutions of conceptual design, engineering, onsite labor, process piping, modular installation, erection, and project and safety management.  

Maybe your company will be the next story we tell?

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About Paul Mueller Company Academy

Teaching and sharing ideas has long been part of the rich heritage at Paul Mueller Company. We have almost a century of quality craftsmanship guiding the way we apply new learnings. Paul Mueller Company Academy is a collection point for those learnings, so we can collaborate and grow more successful together. You will find articles, blogs, guides, infographics and more dedicated to furthering knowledge for all, in the world of stainless steel processing equipment solutions. We hope you enjoy!