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How a Craft Brewery Grew to 10,000 BBL - Video

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Jun 8, 2017 9:07:31 AM


When the O'Fallon Brewery team in St. Louis, Missouri dreamed of growing from a 4,500 BBL to a 10,000 BBL per year facility, they knew exactly what they wanted - how to get there was another story.  What started with a drawing on a paper napkin at the Craft Brewer's Conference has now moved O'Fallon from a microbrewery to a regional craft brewery in charge of their own destiny.

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3 Great Examples of Custom Brewery Solutions

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Jun 5, 2017 9:18:50 AM


Your new or expanded brewery dream isn't run of the mill.  It calls for an engineered-to-order equipment solution.  Our on-staff experts work with breweries around the world to craft solutions that will work for any build or expansion.  Below are three examples that show, no matter what the circumstances, together we can collaborate our way to success. 

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Methods to Add Hop Aroma to Beer

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on May 30, 2017 8:52:45 AM


What are Hops

Hops are harvested once a year, starting in mid-August and ending in early September. Hops are used in the brewing process to add aroma and bitterness.  Typically, all beers contain at least one hop variety, in order to balance the sweetness of the malt with the bitterness of the hop. The strength of the hop character can be determined by the quantity of hops put in and at what point during the brewing process it occurs. In general, the later hops are added the more aromatic the beer becomes, but it takes ample trial and error to find the perfect time to add the perfect hop in order to create your desired flavor. 


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Different Types of Vacuum Relief Valves - [VIDEO]

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on May 30, 2017 7:34:36 AM

Although it is impressive how fast you can implode a tank, no one wants to lose a fermenter or bright tank to vacuum failure.  The good news is you can prevent vacuum failure with minimal effort.   You just need the right size and type of vacuum relief valve for your situation.

There are several different types of relief valves to choose from.  Ashton Lewis, Master Brewer-in-Residence for Paul Mueller Company, gives us a quick rundown on the main differences.

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Heat Exchange Technology for Open-Heart Surgery

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on May 15, 2017 10:32:43 AM



When a person has open-heart surgery, the heart is actually stopped for several hours so the surgeon can perform the procedure.   In order to avoid heart tissue damage, the body is cooled from it's normal 98.5° F to a chilly 82.4-89.6 ° F, thereby reducing the body's need for oxygen.

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Heat Recovery In a Chemical Processing Plant

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Apr 24, 2017 1:39:04 PM


You have the difficult task of identifying processes in your facility where you can “go green”. There are hidden opportunities throughout your plant to be more sustainable and efficient, but you need someone who’s an expert on the subject to pinpoint them and provide solutions. If your company is implementing or has implemented a comprehensive sustainability policy, heat recovery may be a way to reach your goals. Here is one example to get you thinking about your specific opportunities.

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Motivating Your Beer Distributor

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Mar 30, 2017 5:18:58 PM


Many states now allow self-distribution for beer.  It's a great option for smaller producers just getting off the ground and it can be the intermediary step before partnering with a distributor.  See what they look for in a craft beer partner here.

For those already working within the three-tiered system, any chance to stand out from the crowd and motivate your distributor to push your brand is crucial.  


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Unique Beer Business Marketing

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Mar 30, 2017 2:48:50 PM


When it comes to a business model and brand for your brewery, the sky is the limit for creativity.  By choosing a unique personality and living it out with your products, staff, and structure you can stand out from the pack.  Plus according to industry insiders we talked to in the craft beer distributor's guide- brand and culture are two of the most important aspects they consider when taking on a new craft partner.

 Here are 5 breweries doing the marketing differently. 

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Expert Advice:  Expanding your Brewery

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Mar 30, 2017 1:58:29 PM


 "Expand your brewery" -  it's such a vague term.  What kind of expansion? You can expand your actual space.  You can expand your brewing capacity.  Heck, you could be expanding to distribution outside your brewhouse for the first time! (learn in-depth how to do that successfully HERE with advice from distributors)  

This infographic tackles all the elements of expansion in a topline way by using the “20/20 Hindsight” of brewery experts. These brewery leaders are offering up their most noteworthy hurdles with aspiring brewery owners. The information shared is a frank discussion about, “What they wish they had known.” We invite you to learn O.P.E. Style (Other People’s Experience).  

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Prevent Tank Implosion in Your Brewery During Caustic CIP - [VIDEO]

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Mar 30, 2017 1:49:24 PM


It is going to feel like the universe is caving in on you if one of your fermenters ever collapses from vacuum failure.  That is why it is important to understand all the scenarios leading to vacuum failure and how to prevent them.

One common scenario is right after fermentation, when your fermenter is filled with carbon dioxide.  If you use caustic soda to clean your fermenter and do not have adequate vacuum relief, you run the risk of imploding your tank.  

Ashton Lewis, Master Brewer-in-Residence for Paul Mueller Company, demonstrates just how quickly vacuum failure can happen when you clean a fermenter full of  carbon dioxide with caustic soda.

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