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How-To Convert A Crude Tanker Trailer for Ethanol and Petroleum-Based Fuels

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Nov 4, 2016 7:57:37 AM


With ethanol production continuing to rise and crude oil production limited, there is a glut of crude tank trailers in the market and that means an opportunity for ethanol and petroleum-based fuel producers. 

Typically ethanol producers have used petroleum trailers to haul ethanol because it automatically comes with that overfill protection system required at the racks. But that standard comes with a hefty price tag and now you can have the same system by retrofitting a crude tank trailer at a much lower cost.

Row of crude oil tank trailers

A new aluminum petroleum trailer starts at $50,000 and according to The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) can run as high as $200,000.

But with a $1000 retrofit rack control module, a new crude tank trailer can be converted for ethanol or petroleum-based fuels at half the cost.

A Rack Control Module (RCM), like the one below produced by Titan Logix Corp is used with a  liquid level gauging system to provide overfill protection when loading at an optic or thermistor rack.


Titan Logix rack control module

The RCM eliminates the need for costly, secondary overfill prevention systems and works at any loading rack.  When an RCM is adapted to a new Paul Mueller Company crude trailer it will:

-provide an easy-to-use pump shutdown

-prevent spills in the field

-prevent overfill at any loading rack

-be compatible with optic and thermistor rack controllers

Ethanol and petroleum-based fuel producers everywhere are discovering this option.  A never-been-used, beautiful aluminum crude trailer from Paul Mueller Company paired with a rack control module from Titan Logix Corp. can save you tens of thousands of dollars! 

Standard retrofiting of tank trailers requires replacement of piping and dispensers, according to The NREL estimates that can cost anywhere from $2500-$30,000...just to equip your trailer.  Click this link to find out how to begin the conversion of a brand new crude trailer at half the cost:

Free Consultation on Converting a Crude Tank TrailerIt's time to be smart about the equipment you buy for your ethanol and petroleum-based fuel hauling.  A quality tank trailer from the craftsman of Paul Mueller Company equipped with the rack control module from Titan Logix Corp means safer and easier filling and more money back in your pocket. 

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