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Building An Outdoor Unitank

Posted by Paul Mueller Academy Staff on Mar 7, 2017 3:59:06 PM


A very large, global brewer approached Paul Mueller Company in 2016 with the request for a Unitank that was ASME Code stamped AND 55-feet high.  A huge challenge, but we were up for it!


Large Outdoor Unitank


What is an ASME Code Unitank? 

A unitank can act as a fermenter and a bright tank for a brewery. Paul Mueller Company built this one over a 12-week period in 2016. Because it was ASME Code-stamped, the tank was moved outside the plant in Springfield, Missouri where a special crane stood it up. Then the tank was filled with more than 25,000 gallons of water for pressure testing to meet the ASME Code standards.

A Unitank Innovation

During that process, a Mueller brewery equipment craftsman Arthur “Junior” Stigall came up with an innovative way to use the crane to install the bottom cone insulation and sheathing on the tank in a safer and more efficient way. Junior’s idea saved more than a day of additional build time and will be used in the future for large, ASME Code tanks.

Large Unitank transported under bridge

Moving a Beautiful Tank

Then Mueller Transportation went to work. In order to move this tank from Springfield to St. Louis, the crew had to do a route survey. They spent a week driving all the roads from start to finish and measuring bridges and underpasses. The tightest squeeze was under this bridge in St. Louis right near the brewery visitor's center. Because the crew did their due diligence, Mueller driver Ray Sells said they were able to “crawl” at almost 0 mph under this bridge with eyes everywhere to make sure the tank was never close to a potential scratch. “We had about an inch to spare!” says Ray.

Now the Mueller Unitank has a beautiful wheat wrap around it and is sitting outside the visitor’s center in St. Louis where almost a million people will pass by it each year.

At 55 feet high, this unitank will allow the brewery to customize how they expand their capacity.  There are many expansion solutions Paul Mueller Company has implemented for some of the best beer brands in the world.  Click below and fill out the form to be considered for a one-on-one brewery consultation and expansion workshop at our facility:

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