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A Tight Squeeze in Field Tank Repair - Video

Posted by Joe Mitchell on Feb 28, 2017 4:56:27 PM


The environment of a tank repair can determine the difficulty level of the job.  In this case the job was challenging because of the tight space where the repair was completed and because a plant shutdown needed to be avoided. Not to mention it was onsite at an ethanol plant, where safety is of the utmost priority. 

United Ethanol - Milton, Wisconsin 

The other bidders for this project were able to fix the tank, but they needed to remove the roof of the building to do so because of the tight spacing around the tank.  Paul Mueller Company Field Operations won this bid because we could demolish the old tank and build a new tank without removing the roof by using our jack system.  The original tank was lowered one level at a time, allowing field workers to cut out sections of the tank from the safety of the ground.  The new tank was built in a similar manner using top-down construction.  Each level would be constructed and then raised to make room for the next level beneath it, which permitted workers to continue constructing from the ground.

Not only was the customer impressed with the rigging used for this job, they were also impressed by Mueller's ability to adapt to higher safety standards at United Ethanol because of the product that is processed in their facility.




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